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Sep 24 2011

Building Your First Web Site With Kompozer

Being an Internet Marketer one of the first priorities is to learn to build your first website, a front end or portal to your marketing business. This being contained in your Hosting Package along with your warehouse and back -office.

The thought of building your first website may seem a little daunting to you at first but starting out is not as complicated as it sounds. You don’t need to know all the technical stuff when your first starting out, all that you will learn as you progress.

Your going to buid your first website with a Free WYSIWYG Editor called NVU Kompozer which is a What You See Is What You Get Edtior, A bit like a word processor.  You type in your words and insert graphics and links using a friendly interface that converts it to html code automatically to allow you to show your creation on the web.

I am not going to show you personally How to do it, but what I have done is  embed some excellent videos made by Brian Rehmann in this post that I found on Youtube to show you you how to build a simple web site. As you see the internet is a mine of information. 😉

Building Your First Web Site With Kompozer

Video 1


Video 2

Video 3

I hope you found this Post  informative. Please bookmark this blog as there will be more Interesting tutorials to come.

Hope to See You Soon,

Martin Wilkins



 Building Your First Web Site With Kompozer


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