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Oct 28 2011

An Introduction To Squeeze Pages

An Introduction To Squeeze Pages

Before you attempt to build a list or create a sales page, Let me give you a useful introduction to Squeeze Pages.

In stark contrast to Home Pages Which Give The Visitor loads of Options, Squeeze Pages focus on one thing only. Weather you are capturing Email addresses for a newsletter/mailing list or pushing your visitors to a product, it only focuses on that one outcome.

One of the primary uses for a Squeeze Page, is a Lead Capture Page. It is designed to obtain a name and email address of the visitor, or persuade a them do some other specific action in return for a reward. A squeeze page/lead capture page is like a small single page Website, which has an opt-in form or required action link, usually placed above the fold so it is visible when the page loads. It also includes a brief description and visualization of the incentive they will receive if they give you their name and email address or take the action you require them too.

Collecting email addresses like this is one of the best and quickest ways to build your list.

It is important to recognize that all successful online marketers use Squeeze Pages. If you want to sell products on the Internet, then you need to use them too, rather than relying on an opt-in form in the side bar that is lost in the clutter of a web page, or even just a web page on its own. You “have to” have a mailing list to make the most from your business.

Anatomy of a Squeeze Page

They are as follows:

* An attention grabbing headline.

* A brief introduction to your incentive.

* A visualization of the incentive.

* A list of the benefits it will bring them.

* A short summary

* A call to action.(visually compelling)

* Your optin form.or required action

Determining which model that will work best for you can only be done through testing. While many Marketers boast higher conversions attributed to a short sales pitch (many will be one short paragraph), others will attribute it to a lengthy, thorough and compelling one. These days a lot successful marketers use video as their presentation medium, it seems that this is the future, but good old fashioned sales copy with pictures is not dead yet.

Auto Responders

Obviously you will need an Auto Responder. There are a lot of scripts you can buy but most marketers tend to use web based Auto Responder Service such as Aweber it provides you with the tools to set up a campaign quickly and efficiently and they provide a complete service. for managing your lists and tracking email campaigns, to sign-up forms (tidy ones) and html templates.

Aweber costs around $20 a month, but for reliability, deliver-ability and what your getting for your money it’s a steal. The learning curve is simplified as they use lots of videos to show you how to use it effectively.

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