Oct 27 2011

Internet Marketing-Do it Right from the Start

Internet Marketing-Do it Right

From The Start

First Things First

Unsubscribe To All The Subsciptions That Don`t Teach You Anything, This Will Cut down On The Cr*p In Your Inbox (information Overload) . Create A Folder Called
“My IM Library” On Your Desk Top And Inside It Create Folders Relating To The Different Subject Areas  Of Internet Marketing, Then When You Discover Some Useful Info You Can Save It In A Relevent Folder For Future Reference. Save Any Good Info That You Glean From Those Emails That Are Teaching You Something And You Might Want To Use Later, Or Anything You Find On The Net,  Be It A Web Based Resource, Or A Tool That You Think Might Find Useful In The Future. Even If You Can`t Use It Now, Save It, You`ll Be Glad You Did. Give Each File A Descriptive Name So You Can locate It easier In The future. Don`t Forget To Back It Up Regularly. You Don`t Want To Lose It All When Your Computer Or Hard Drive Crashes….”Do You?”

Get Yourself A Note Book To Record What You Have Done and How. This Will Come In Useful When You Have Done Something You May Want To Repeat In Future And You Forget How You Did It, Like Setting Up Scripts Etc. It Will Also Come In Handy When You Come to Write Your Own Info Products Teaching Others How To Do Things.

Protect Yourself

Before You Go Looking For information. Make Sure Your AntiVirus, Email Scanner and Spyware Programs Are Active And Up To Date As Not All Things Online Are What They Perceive to be…Also If And When You Have A Web Site, Protect Pages Like Download Pages And Other Pages You Dont Want Indexed By The Search Engines By Placing A No Index/No Follow Tag In Your Html Code.
If They Are Indexed They Can Easily Found And Abused By People Doing A (Site:) Search Of Your Domain.

Start Learning

Use Free Or Low Cost Marketing Methods, Information And Tools. You Can Find Good Information And Tools All Over The Net, it’s There to Find, Usually Through Informative Blogs and Forums. Most of These People Who Supply This Information For Free Or at Low Cost and Have Been Through The Learning Curve, Had Some Success And Know The Value Of  Creating A Good Relationship With You, So Establishing Trust. They Do This So They Can Recommend Products And services To You in the Future (A Good Tactic) SoYou Will Be More Likely To Purchase Based On That Trust.
This Is A fundimental Part Of The Marketing Process. You Have To Get On The Right Side Of Your Customers And Earn Their Trust. Help Them And Sell Yourself  Before You Try To Sell Them Anything.

Emulating Success

Look At The Successful Marketers On Line, Learn And Emulate The Methods They Use To Entice You To Buy, Especially If It Works….Don`t Buy Though, Not Yet Anyway Unless That Is, It`s Inexpensive And You Feel You Will Learn From It, Or It Will Be Useful To You. Your Aim At This Point Is To Make Money Online Not Spend it.
Premium Products
The Products And Info That Work Very Well, Will Usually Cost You An Arm And A Leg, So Wait Until You Have Had Some Success Before Your Tempted To Buy. There Is Generally A Free Or Inexpensive Alternative That Will Suffice In The Short Term.

Heres To your Success,

Martin Wilkins

Internet Marketing Money Makers-Working From Home


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