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Nov 26 2011

AutoResponder A Most Important Tool

AutoResponder A Most Important Tool

If You Are Going To Take Up Internet Marketing Seriously You Will Require An


It Can Be Used To Build Your List, Feed Subscribers Scheduled Information, Advertise Your Products,
Process Your Front-End Sales, Serve Your Customers Upsells Through A Sales Funnel, Send Out News Letters, Thank You Emails, Download Emails And Sign up Conformations etc. All On Auto PilotIt Will Also Allow You To Send Out A Mass Email Blast To Your List, Recommending The Next Great Product You Are Promoting Or Any Other Bit Of News You Want To Share With Them.

Having an Auto-Responder  “Is” crucial to your business. It will make your life a lot easier and much more profitable, if used correctly. There are many scripts and online services out there but I first started with a script based auto responder called
Unselfish Responder Pro 

For those of you who are not technically minded this script can be a bit fiddly to set up and use, but it is a good tool for the price (you can have the vendor set it up for you for a small extra cost) but having said that if you want a reliable auto responder that is simple to use and has everything you need (including how-to videos) choose Aweber .

An online Auto-Responder Service Such as Aweber is a much more Complete, Comprehensive and Reliable solution than a script based Auto Responder. Why else do you think most Successful Web Marketers use it?
It  costs around $20 Dollars a month or about £13 British Pounds It may seem a lot but you get what you pay for and in business you have to speculate to accumilate as they say. Works out at around 65 cents a day and is worth every cent, believe me.

They Have Many Tutorial Videos On The Aweber Website On Every
Aspect Of Using it Effectively So You Will Get To Grips With It In Quick Time.

Link To Aweber

The money is in the list ( A Targeted Email List ) remember that.

Building A List

To Do This You Need To Make A Squeeze Page. That’s A Web Page With A Bribe And An
Opt In Form On It To Entice A Prospect To Give You Their Name And Email Address. I Will Show You A Sqeeze Page Shortly. 

When You Have A List, You Have To Make Sure You Keep Them Happy By Regularly Sending Them Good Quality Content On A Regular Basis And Only Include Links To Products Your Promoting On A 3:1 Basis. This Way You Are More Likely To Gain Trust And Respect And Your Prospects Will Be More Likely  To Purchase From You At Some Point. If You Bombard Them With Offer After Offer It Won`t Be Long Before They Un-subscribe From Your List.

This Is A Link To A Live Squeeze Page I Have Just Put Up For You To See what it’s all about. Feel free to fill in your name email address and you will recieve the free gift  which is relevent to this post. As you will the see the autoresponder will take you to a thank you page with instructions on what to do next, send out the confirmation email, and send you a download email containing the link after you have confirmed. I didn’t add an offer page to introduce you into a sales funnel as this is only a basic demonstation of a squeeze page and autoresponder at work.

Here Are Some Auto Responder
Marketing Techniques You Can Try.

Email Courses

Some marketers write up (or modify a PLR, Private Label Rights Publication) a simple step-by-step instructional class in their area of expertise. Then they break it up into smaller portions or messages and set them up in an Auto Responder as email messages, including short ads 3:1 within your messages that invite sales or/and website visits. You can use it in a squeeze page as your bribe if you like to entice your visitors to sign up to your mailing list using the form you contructed through your autoresponder service. As people sign up, they will be sent the course, starting from day one no matter when they sign up and will recieve the emails at intervals dictated by the settings you have programed into the autoresonder. This will be appreciated by your prospects and will hopefully gain their trust, but you will have to ensure it is good quality and educational.

Ezine Ebooks

As well as sending regular News Letters, you could publish a monthly Ezine (similar to a monthly magazine) in an e-book format delivered via auto responder, a regular bulk email blast that includes a link to the the pdf file. You could have it made up of a good few articles per issue and insert regularly featured areas throughout like inspirational quotes, industry tips, favorite sites and advice from the pros. You could also insert full-color graphics, multimedia components like audio / video and of course, ads. You could even have as a subscription based ezine that you can charge a monthly rate for, and also sell spots to other advertisers in each issue.

Get new subscribers with an autoresponder series of emails containing taster content promoting your monthly ezine,

In summary, by using customized marketing techniques like an ezine ebook, tailored to fit your own products and services, you can reach out and increase your website traffic, sales opportunities and achieve expert status whilst growing your business.

Customer Surveys

Collect vital customer information by publishing a survey to send via Auto Responder to those who have signed up to your list, in exchange for a free eBook, software or trial period at your membership site. The type of information you get back will help you understand their needs, likes & dislikes better. Therfore you will be able to give them what they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of answering each customers questions indvidually, compile a “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” email and make them available via Auto Responder to all your list. It could save you time and support headaches.


Instead of publishing all of your customer testimonials or endorsements on your website, publish only a few there and set up an auto responder form that invites visitors to receive a complete list of Testimonials or Endorsements via your Auto Responder. Give them a power-packed list; it’s more effective to include all of them, And enhances your credibility.

And of course lets not forget the Biggie

A Bulk Email Blast

Send out an Email blast to your list once every couple of weeks to promote Your Recommened Product. The bigger your list the more sales you will get. You should get 1 or 2  buying customers from every hundred emails sent to your list. These are the ones you need to create a special list for, as this will be your most targeted list and will be more likely to buy again in the future. So treat them nice…

…To Your Success,

Nov 06 2011

HTML and CSS Tutorials for Internet Marketers

HTML and CSS Tutorials for

Internet Marketers

When you really get into internet marketing and building websites, sales pages, squeeze pages etc . You really want to learn basic HTML and CSS because you will need these skills at some point to customize your pages. Especially if you use readymade templates.

I know when you start out you use a wysiwyg editor to accomplish this but I am sure you will have needed to go into the code at some point to add your meta-tags for on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or change some parameters when your site is playing up on certain browsers etc. This is where that knowledge is will become useful.

I know the thought of this might make you want to run to the hills, but once you get into it, it’s really not that complicated. Understanding what the code does will enable you to build better more professional websites/pages, you could even design them from the ground up.

I am no expert on HTML or CSS, but I know enough to get by. It has served me well during my time as an Internet Marketer.

If you are interested in learning HTML and CSS, I have placed links below for access to two excellent PDFs and a website. I have also embedded a Youtube video for you to look at to give you a taste of what it involves. They are all free resources that I have found on the net and are direct links.


Martin Wilkins

Intro to HTML and CSS


HTML and CSS Tutorials for Internet Marketers

Oct 28 2011

An Introduction To Squeeze Pages

An Introduction To Squeeze Pages

Before you attempt to build a list or create a sales page, Let me give you a useful introduction to Squeeze Pages.

In stark contrast to Home Pages Which Give The Visitor loads of Options, Squeeze Pages focus on one thing only. Weather you are capturing Email addresses for a newsletter/mailing list or pushing your visitors to a product, it only focuses on that one outcome.

One of the primary uses for a Squeeze Page, is a Lead Capture Page. It is designed to obtain a name and email address of the visitor, or persuade a them do some other specific action in return for a reward. A squeeze page/lead capture page is like a small single page Website, which has an opt-in form or required action link, usually placed above the fold so it is visible when the page loads. It also includes a brief description and visualization of the incentive they will receive if they give you their name and email address or take the action you require them too.

Collecting email addresses like this is one of the best and quickest ways to build your list.

It is important to recognize that all successful online marketers use Squeeze Pages. If you want to sell products on the Internet, then you need to use them too, rather than relying on an opt-in form in the side bar that is lost in the clutter of a web page, or even just a web page on its own. You “have to” have a mailing list to make the most from your business.

Anatomy of a Squeeze Page

They are as follows:

* An attention grabbing headline.

* A brief introduction to your incentive.

* A visualization of the incentive.

* A list of the benefits it will bring them.

* A short summary

* A call to action.(visually compelling)

* Your optin form.or required action

Determining which model that will work best for you can only be done through testing. While many Marketers boast higher conversions attributed to a short sales pitch (many will be one short paragraph), others will attribute it to a lengthy, thorough and compelling one. These days a lot successful marketers use video as their presentation medium, it seems that this is the future, but good old fashioned sales copy with pictures is not dead yet.

Auto Responders

Obviously you will need an Auto Responder. There are a lot of scripts you can buy but most marketers tend to use web based Auto Responder Service such as Aweber it provides you with the tools to set up a campaign quickly and efficiently and they provide a complete service. for managing your lists and tracking email campaigns, to sign-up forms (tidy ones) and html templates.

Aweber costs around $20 a month, but for reliability, deliver-ability and what your getting for your money it’s a steal. The learning curve is simplified as they use lots of videos to show you how to use it effectively.

Oct 27 2011

Internet Marketing-Do it Right from the Start

Internet Marketing-Do it Right

From The Start

First Things First

Unsubscribe To All The Subsciptions That Don`t Teach You Anything, This Will Cut down On The Cr*p In Your Inbox (information Overload) . Create A Folder Called
“My IM Library” On Your Desk Top And Inside It Create Folders Relating To The Different Subject Areas  Of Internet Marketing, Then When You Discover Some Useful Info You Can Save It In A Relevent Folder For Future Reference. Save Any Good Info That You Glean From Those Emails That Are Teaching You Something And You Might Want To Use Later, Or Anything You Find On The Net,  Be It A Web Based Resource, Or A Tool That You Think Might Find Useful In The Future. Even If You Can`t Use It Now, Save It, You`ll Be Glad You Did. Give Each File A Descriptive Name So You Can locate It easier In The future. Don`t Forget To Back It Up Regularly. You Don`t Want To Lose It All When Your Computer Or Hard Drive Crashes….”Do You?”

Get Yourself A Note Book To Record What You Have Done and How. This Will Come In Useful When You Have Done Something You May Want To Repeat In Future And You Forget How You Did It, Like Setting Up Scripts Etc. It Will Also Come In Handy When You Come to Write Your Own Info Products Teaching Others How To Do Things.

Protect Yourself

Before You Go Looking For information. Make Sure Your AntiVirus, Email Scanner and Spyware Programs Are Active And Up To Date As Not All Things Online Are What They Perceive to be…Also If And When You Have A Web Site, Protect Pages Like Download Pages And Other Pages You Dont Want Indexed By The Search Engines By Placing A No Index/No Follow Tag In Your Html Code.
If They Are Indexed They Can Easily Found And Abused By People Doing A (Site:) Search Of Your Domain.

Start Learning

Use Free Or Low Cost Marketing Methods, Information And Tools. You Can Find Good Information And Tools All Over The Net, it’s There to Find, Usually Through Informative Blogs and Forums. Most of These People Who Supply This Information For Free Or at Low Cost and Have Been Through The Learning Curve, Had Some Success And Know The Value Of  Creating A Good Relationship With You, So Establishing Trust. They Do This So They Can Recommend Products And services To You in the Future (A Good Tactic) SoYou Will Be More Likely To Purchase Based On That Trust.
This Is A fundimental Part Of The Marketing Process. You Have To Get On The Right Side Of Your Customers And Earn Their Trust. Help Them And Sell Yourself  Before You Try To Sell Them Anything.

Emulating Success

Look At The Successful Marketers On Line, Learn And Emulate The Methods They Use To Entice You To Buy, Especially If It Works….Don`t Buy Though, Not Yet Anyway Unless That Is, It`s Inexpensive And You Feel You Will Learn From It, Or It Will Be Useful To You. Your Aim At This Point Is To Make Money Online Not Spend it.
Premium Products
The Products And Info That Work Very Well, Will Usually Cost You An Arm And A Leg, So Wait Until You Have Had Some Success Before Your Tempted To Buy. There Is Generally A Free Or Inexpensive Alternative That Will Suffice In The Short Term.

Heres To your Success,

Martin Wilkins

Internet Marketing Money Makers-Working From Home


Sep 30 2011

Hosting and Domain Names For the Internet Marketer

Hosting and Domain Names For

the Internet Marketer

Your Hosting and Domain Names are your most important considerations
when you become an Internet Marketer.Hosting. You need your Hosting to be reliable and have all the bells and whistles that you require to enable to run your Internet business. You can find hosting packages all over the internet. Just type hosting providers into Google search and it will give you a large selection of providers to choose from. Before you choose one though you need to find one that will be most suitable for your business and your budget. As an internet marketer you need to look for providers that give you what you need at a price you are willing to pay. Free hosting is available but as an internet marketer you find that this kind of hosting is not suitable for your business. You need to get payed for hosting that  adhere to the following criteria:

  • Reliability. Your host must guarantee an up-time of 99.9%. You will not get 100% as some time or other the server will get problems like the rest of us. Nobody is perfect.


  • A cPanel Control Panel. This is the most popular control panel used by most Web Masters and Internet Marketers. It is a Linux-based server side graphic interface designed for the easy management of hosting your websites, email accts, SQL databases, scripts, FTP, web statistics, server status, and more. The cPanel has such a large following it is easy to find out how to use it with the extensive free information and videos you can find on the web.


  • Enough Storage . This is the amount of disk space you are allowed in your Hosting package. Enough storage depends on the amount of web pages, graphics, videos and downloads you upload to your web space. This can be considerable as content that includes a lot of graphics and videos as well as room for your sales pages, squeeze pages and downloadable products need to be accommodated. Unlimited is best to get if you are serious about your business.
  • Enough Bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be down-loaded from your web space. Every time someone visits your website, some of your bandwidth allowance is used. If you don’t have enough the hosting provider will either charge you more or restrict access to your site. And you don’t want that, so unlimited bandwidth is best.


  • Enough add-on domains. Add-on domains are required for any other sites, sales pages, squeeze pages that you require for each of the niches and products you want to promote. More is better.


  • Enough MySQL Databases. You will need these to run a lot of the scripts you will use in your Internet Marketing Business. More is better.


  • Support for PHP & CGI and Pearl. You will come across many scripts that are useful in your business that use these platforms so ensure that your host provides support for them.


  • Enough POP3 Accounts. These are the amount of email accounts you can have in your hosting accounts the more the merrier.


  • Good Support. This is important so you can get fast answers and help if you have any problems with your hosting, make sure they provide Phone & E-Mail Support.


  • Other things to look out for include. Cron Jobs, Fantastico Installer, Site Builder, Frontpage Extensions, Custom Error Pages, Custom DNS & MX and plenty of subdomains.


Domain Names

The Domain Name is the web address of your site / page that when typed in to a web browser takes you to that site. Choosing a memorable domain name (url) for your site will make it easier for people to remember especially if you use a catchy url. I myself  get all my domain names from whom I find very good and reasonably priced. The main reason though is that they automatically re-new my domain registrations automatically as and when they are due, this is excellent for me as I have a memory like a sieve  so I would probably end up losing them.

Links: For Domain Names


The Video Below: Find out more on how to look for good Domain Names

Sep 24 2011

Building Your First Web Site With Kompozer

Being an Internet Marketer one of the first priorities is to learn to build your first website, a front end or portal to your marketing business. This being contained in your Hosting Package along with your warehouse and back -office.

The thought of building your first website may seem a little daunting to you at first but starting out is not as complicated as it sounds. You don’t need to know all the technical stuff when your first starting out, all that you will learn as you progress.

Your going to buid your first website with a Free WYSIWYG Editor called NVU Kompozer which is a What You See Is What You Get Edtior, A bit like a word processor.  You type in your words and insert graphics and links using a friendly interface that converts it to html code automatically to allow you to show your creation on the web.

I am not going to show you personally How to do it, but what I have done is  embed some excellent videos made by Brian Rehmann in this post that I found on Youtube to show you you how to build a simple web site. As you see the internet is a mine of information. 😉

Building Your First Web Site With Kompozer

Video 1


Video 2

Video 3

I hope you found this Post  informative. Please bookmark this blog as there will be more Interesting tutorials to come.

Hope to See You Soon,

Martin Wilkins



 Building Your First Web Site With Kompozer


Sep 04 2011

Bum Marketing Money Makers

Bum Marketing Money Maker Makers

Bum Marketing Money Maker Makers

Bum marketing is such a great concept as you don’t have to work too hard
(“Suits Me Sir”)…..and It,s not that difficult, you can even make mistakes and still!, earn from it.

You don’t have know much about internet marketing, you too can be a money maker if you
learn some simple techniques you could make more than a lot of the internet marketers currently online.

Bum marketing is one of the easiest and best ways to make money on the internet. this is because this is one of those extremely rare business opportunities where you don’t need money to make money.
Once you learn some simple bum marketing techniques you could start the money rolling in on
auto-pilot month after month, even year after year in no time.

Travis sago is the name of the chap that popularised this method of marketing and gave it its name because he says that a bum off the street if given a computer and an internet connection, would be capable of earning money using this marketing method .


Basically How It Works

First find yourself an untapped, low competition hungry niche. You’re going to write articles on it so it makes sense you find the niche that is interesting to you. Look for the not so popular niches where you will have less competition.

Next you find an affiliate program on Click Bank Or Some Other Affiliate Library that has
a product that compliments the niche and pays a decent commission, join that affiliate program.
Then research keywords or keyword phrases (based on your niche and the product) that have around 1,000 to 5,000 searches in a month and not allot of competition.

Next you write your article based on those keywords or keyword phrases found using Googles ad words keywords tool. Then you submit your article to popular article directories so they get picked up by Google and the other major search engines and wallah!!! you could be on to your first money maker by being listed on the first couple of pages of the major search engines and having some traffic.

The purpose to get your article read to direct potential customers to your affiliate program,
This Method can also be used to get visitors to your own site or blog if you have one, or get
keyword optimised back links to your site (very important for search engine optimization ).

To get people to visit your affiliate sales page or site, write something like this into your bio (at the bottom of your article): The information in this article is just the tip of the iceberg, find more info at :
your www.your or etc on Article directories, no forwarding sub domains or .html etc it must be a primary address.
On the other hand if you useing your articles on your blog or website as content you can insert Your Affiliate Link!,using to make your link smaller and to hide your affiliate id
The Low Competition Hungry Niche
So where do you start to look for this low competition hungry niche?.

Type in “forums” into Google Search and browse the ones with interesting subjects, Take notes
of the real active ones you find, the more active the more likely that you have a hungry crowd and you will be surprised at the amount of info you will pick up.

Check if there are sponsored ads on the right of the search results page?, if so people are spending money on them.

Checkout Amazon are there books on the subject ?, are there magazines dedicated to it?
Google Search the subject in quotes e.g. “subject” and check out how many sites you are
competing with, go for the ones that have less than 15,000 to give yourself a chance to get on
the first pages of the search engines.


Finding The Right Keywords

What you have to realize is, that you not only have to write compelling articles?, you also must ensure these articles contain keywords that are relevant to your subject.

To find the right keywords you can use the Google Ad words Keywords Tool
Here is a Link To It…

You Have To Have A Google Email Address and password to be able to access this tool it’s quick and easy to join just go to Google click on mail then create an account.

Just type the keyword or phrase into it, un-check Use synonyms tick box, type in the security letters and click “get keyword ideas”
The results will give you Keyword Phrases Containing Your Keyword and will give you this months searches for said keyword phrase and or monthly average.
Choose ones with 2000 to 7000 searches with low competition.
Other keyword tools Include wordtracker and the overture keyword selector tool Just enter their names into Google and you’ll find them.

Other Bum Marketing methods

There are other ways to do bum marketing

and social web portals
like squidoo lenses, myspace, face book, bebo,etc

but that’s for other articles…..

If You Want To Learn More About These Things

Go Here:

Thanks For Reading
Martin Wilkins

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