Price Unlimited Hosting for Internet Marketers

What Will You  Get if You Choose the Unlimited Package?

  • cPanel Control Panel

  • Unlimited Storage

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • 100 add-on domains

  • Unlimited MySQL

  • Unlimited POP3 Accounts

  • Unlimited FTP Accounts

  • PHP,CGI & Pearl

  • Ruby On Rails

  • Fantastico Installer

  • Softaculous Installer

  • RV Site Builder

  • Frontpage Extensions

  • Custom Error Pages

  • Cron Jobs

  • Custom DNS & MX

  • Sub-domains

  • 99.9% Uptime

  • Phone & E-Mail Support

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Low Cost Unlimited Hosting for Internet Marketers

Why You Need Get
Low Cost Unlimited Hosting

Low Cost Unlimited Hosting is one of your most important considerations when you become an Internet Marketer or have an off line Business that needs a web presence, you need your Hosting to be reliable and have all the bells and whistles that are required to run your business effectively. You can find Hosting packages all over the Internet. Just type Hosting providers into Google search and it will give you a large selection of providers to choose from. Before you choose one though you need to find one that will be most suitable for your business and your budget. As an Internet Marketer or other Business owner you need to look for providers that give you what you require at a price that is cost effective. Free hosting is available but as an Internet Marketer you will find that this kind of hosting will not be suitable for your business. You really need to get payed Hosting that adheres to the following criteria:

  • Reliability. Your host must guarantee an up-time of 99.9%. You will not get 100% as some time or other the server will get problems like the rest of us. Nobody is perfect.

  • A cPanel Control Panel. This is the most popular control panel used by most Web Masters and Internet Marketers. It is a Linux-based server side graphic interface designed for the easy management of hosting your websites, email accts, SQL databases, scripts, FTP, web statistics, server status, and more. The cPanel has such a large following it is easy to find out how to use it with the extensive free information and videos supplied with it.

  • Enough Storage . This is the amount of disk space you are allowed in your Hosting package. Enough storage depends on the amount of web pages, graphics, videos and downloads you upload to your web space. This can be considerable as content that includes a lot of graphics and videos as well as room for your sales pages, squeeze pages and downloadable products need to be accommodated. Unlimited Hosting is best to get if you are serious about your business.

  • Enough Bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be down-loaded from your web space. Every time someone visits your website, some of your bandwidth allowance is used. If you don’t have enough the hosting provider will either charge you more or restrict access to your site. And you don’t want that, so unlimited bandwidth is best.

  • Enough add-on domains. Add-on domains are required for any other sites, sales pages, squeeze pages that you require for each of the niches and products you want to promote. More is better. This Unlimited Hosting Provides Plenty

  • Enough MySQL Databases. You will need these to run a lot of the scripts you will use in your Internet Marketing Business. More is better.

  • Support for PHP, CGI and Pearl. You will come across many scripts that are useful in your business that use these platforms so ensure that your host provides support for them.

  • Enough POP3 Accounts. These are the amount of email accounts you can have in your hosting accounts the more the merrier.

  • Good Support. This is important so you can get fast answers and help if you have any problems with your hosting, make sure they provide Phone & E-Mail Support.

  • Other things to look out for include. Cron Jobs, Fantastico Installer, Site Builder, Frontpage Extensions, Custom Error Pages, Custom DNS & MX and plenty of subdomains.

  • You Will Get All This If You Choose The Unlimited Hosting Package

As I have said in my Blog I use this exact same hosting for My Own Businesses. It is run by a close friend of mine and I have found him and the hosting packages to be very reliable. The unlimited hosting package which I have is  £4.00 per month, which is excellent value for money.

There is a choice of packages ranging from £1.00 To £4.00 per month so there is a package to suit everyone's needs.

Choose the Package that suits you and your business.

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There is no contract to worry about, you just pay your money every month or cancel at any time with no notice. What other Hosting Company does that? 

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Low Cost Unlimited Hosting for Internet Marketers

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